What is the weird astrological event happening on April 12?

This week there’s a rare celestial event occurring — and yes, that means your zodiac sign will be affected. 

This April 12, at 9:45 a.m. ET, Jupiter and Neptune will align in Pisces for the first time in 166 years. This means the two planets will be visible from the same point in the sky. The last time this occurred was March 17, 1856. 

The sky is divided into 12 sections that represent the 12 zodiac signs in astrology. Every planet passes through each section, some during the same time. (This is what astrologers mean when they say things like, “Saturn is in Aquarius.”) 

This time around, Jupiter and Neptune will meet at exactly the same location: 23 degrees and 59 minutes in Pisces. While it only takes Jupiter 12 years to pass through each sign, spending one year in each, it takes Neptune 165, spending 14 years in each sign — hence this astrological rarity. 

According to The Cut’s astrologer Aliza Kelly, you can expect a “mystical-slash-creative renaissance on both micro (personal) and macro (societal) levels.” 

We can expect this to be a time when people explore beliefs, perceptions, art and spirituality. This can be a great time to reflect on your own spirituality, creative endeavors and self-care practices. 

“This is an excellent opportunity to set intentions, start that meditation practice, or, I don’t know, eat edibles and go to the planetarium,” Kelly said. (As long as such edibles are legal in your state and you are of age, of course.) 

Be on the lookout for deception, hyperbole and lies abound during this period. Kelly advises to protect yourself by setting boundaries, saying no and refraining from making snap decisions. So when in doubt, sleep on it!

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