TikTok is obsessed with these water-activated eyelashes

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These TikTok-approved false lashes might be the easiest to apply ever.

Ardell’s Aqua Lashes are the latest in trendy lash tech. These water-activated falsies don’t require any adhesive. Getting falsies on can be a bit of a chore. Normally, you have to use glue and make sure it doesn’t get into your eyes. But according to Ardell, you just “dip and apply” with these.

If you’re not convinced yet, watch In The Know’s Lisa Azcona try out the viral water-activated falsies.

“They’re all over TikTok because people are freaking out about the way you apply,” Lisa says. “Each lash band already comes lined with adhesive.” 

First, Lisa placed the falsies (still dry) on her lash line to determine the correct sizing. 

“Feel free to trim any excess where needed so it fits appropriately,” she advises.

Next, she pours warm water into a bowl and dips each lash band into the water for 10 to 15 seconds.

“This will supposedly help activate the adhesive that is already on there, so make sure the entire lash band comes into contact with the water,” she says.

Then, Lisa places the falsies onto her lash line and gently presses down to secure them in place. 

Once the falsies are in place, she goes in with a lash curler and her favorite mascara to blend them in with her natural lashes.

“I feel like these lashes are perfect for people who are always in a rush or are super busy,” Lisa explains. “It was quick and easy to apply. They feel secure and comfortable.” 

While Lisa appreciates the innovation, she did notice the lashes were a little stiff. They didn’t align with the natural curvature of her eyes the way other falsies do. 

“I’d recommend softening them up a bit before you wet them,” she says. 

It was also difficult to keep the inner corners glued down and in place at first. Lisa suggests using a wet cotton swab to secure them. She also notes that you have to quickly get the falsies on because the glue dries fast. 

“Overall, I would totally recommend these,” Lisa says. “They’re super cool, and I think they look great.” 

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