Are we *sure* this TikTok user isn’t Rihanna?

There is only one Rihanna, we know this for sure.

The Grammy winner, fashion icon and beauty mogul is unparalleled in many ways — but we did find a TikTok user who looks so much like her, it’s uncanny.

The user, whose name is Priscila Beatrice, shared a video in which she impersonated Rihanna at the 2019 British Fashion Awards, and it quickly went viral with more than 12 million views.

Fans weren’t the only ones who noticed the resemblance. News of a shocking lookalike made it to Rihanna herself.

According to The Shade Room, she playfully trolled her lookalike by asking “where the album sis?” in an Instagram comment.

Fans are constantly asking Rihanna when her next album will be released, so it’s only natural that she’d pass the question along to her twin.

Beatrice was clearly thrilled Rihanna noticed her impressions.

“I can’t stop crying with emotion! Of happiness! It is a dream!” she said in an Instagram caption.

TikTok commenters couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Like it’s not even a slight resemblance, it’s an actual complete duplicate. A copy and paste if you will. Congrats on the fantastic genes,” one user wrote.

“I have never seen two people look more alike,” another said.

“Huhhh my brain can’t process this,” a third remarked.

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