Who is Ari Aguirre? Influencer spotted kissing Bryce Hall

There’s no drama like TikTok influencer drama — and it’s never been in short supply either. 

The internet is in a tizzy over a kiss between two social media stars. Bryce Hall is practically TikTok royalty and Ari Aguirre is an up-and-coming influencer. The two were spotted locking lips and now Gen Z wants to know if they’re going to make things official. 

Who is Ari Aguirre? 

Aguirre was born June 18, 2001, and is currently 20 years old. He was born and resides in Las Vegas but frequently flies to Los Angeles. 

His parents Darvin Gomez and Jennifer Gomez are entrepreneurs. He has four siblings Alexa, Laressa, Devin and Alec Gomez. 

Aguirre is a model and social media influencer. He has 17,900 TikTok followers and 16,000 Instagram followers. While Aguirre is still building his following, some of his closest friends are mega influencers. 

He is best friends with Tana Mongeau 

Aguirre’s best friend is Tana Mongeau. He has referred to her as his “twin” and she frequently appears on his social media feeds. Mongeau is a headline-grabbing influencer with 6.5 million TikTok followers. She hosts the podcast Cancelled with Tana Mongeau. The “unfiltered” talk show features intimate conversations between Mongeau and her guests. 

“I decided to finally do this show because I want to give the audience a new insight as to what I am about, how I feel about breaking news and giving you an unfiltered insight into my world,” Mongeau said in a press release

A photo of him kissing Bryce Hall went viral 

The internet went a bit nuts when Aguirre was spotting kissing fellow influencer 21-year-old, Bryce Hall who has 20 million TikTok followers. Hall recently split from his now ex-girlfriend Addison Rae

A stranger captured Hall and Aguirre sharing a kiss outside and the image circulated on Twitter. Mongeau retweeted the photo saying, “I turn my back for one second hahahahaha.” 

Aguirre retweeted the same picture captioning it with, “daddy.” That day he later posted a photo of Hall on his Instagram Story saying, “hey boyfriend.” In another one of Aguirre’s Instagram Stories, the two have a revealing exchange.

“Remember when we kissed,” Hall asked him. Ari responded, “Oh, it happened?” Bryce then confirmed the kiss. 

In a vlog from July 25, Hall discussed how he would never kiss guys again because it didn’t garner him enough attention.

“On a side note, I kissed 10 dudes for my last Vlog and it flopped,” Hall said. “I am never doing it again cause obviously it doesn’t get views.”

Hall hasn’t directly commented on the kiss with Aguirre since the Instagram Stories and has kept his relationship status private. 

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