Art group invents cartoonish fishbowl face mask to protect from germs

This may sound strange but people actually look kind of chic with fishbowls on their heads.

At least, that’s the vibe you get from Plastique Fantastique’s iSphere face mask. The Berlin-based art group creates works that adapt to urban environments. The iSphere’s design is inspired by the sci-fi comics of the 1950s and ’60s. Its fishbowl-like mask resembles the fictional renditions of astronaut helmets from the era.

Plastique Fantastique made the protective gear as a response to the pandemic. Since April, Berlin residents have been required to wear a nose and mouth covering on public transportation. Thus, the inventors made the iSphere as an open-source project, intended for anyone to easily recreate.

“We taped two transparent hollow hemispheres together and cut a hole that fits our heads. The whole procedure took approximately 30 minutes,” Plastique Fantastique stated

The iSphere’s design is also customizable. It can be fitted with a shade, microphone and headset, filter, valve and ventilator and even a snorkel. 

GiGadgets shared the iSphere demo on Facebook where it received thousands of comments. 

“That actually is an awesome idea,” a Facebook user wrote

“Not wearing this unless I’m getting a suit to fly also,” one person joked.

“Yes!!! If I have to go back to school with no safeguards whatsoever, I will want this,” someone commented

Many users wanted to know what happens when you sneeze. While that’s unclear, the iSphere is a largely a functional art project. Plastique Fantastique even described the helmet as both a “funny and serious object,” which pretty accurately sums it up.

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