Artificial intelligence camera can identify birds for you

Bird watching just got a whole lot more high tech.

Birdsy, a wildlife-spotting camera, has developed a unique artificial intelligence (AI) that records and identifies birds and other animals all by itself, meaning you never have to miss out on priceless nature moments again.

The Wi-Fi-connected camera can monitor your bird feeders and yard 24/7, identify each species it spots, record and log each animal visitor, and send the data directly to a smartphone app for you to enjoy.

The app even makes it easy to share your favorite bird spots on social media.

Credit: Birdsy

Since Birdsy was launched on Kickstarter, it has raced past its original goal of $60,000, with 506 backers pledging a total of $114,790 to help bring the project to life.

Birdsy’s AI is constantly learning and changing. Currently, it is able to identify species in North America and Europe and, with the power of ultra-fast Verizon 5G, the number of birds and other animals it can recognize will continue to grow.

Watch the futuristic gadget in action in the video above.

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