Artist adds tons of tiny details to make drawings look hyperrealistic

Selene Elizondo is a Texas-based artist who draws hyperrealistic portraits and images. She uses oil painting and color pencil drawings to create uncanny effects, which the 25-year-old then posts on Instagram and TikTok

Just take a look at Elizondo’s rendering of a dollar bill.

In the clip, there’s a folded dollar, quarter and two pennies on a piece of cardboard. She uses her color pencil to flick each coin away. Then she rolls the pencil over the dollar bill — it doesn’t move. The bill is a drawing but the coins are real. 

“I actually fooled my dad with this one!” Elizondo said of one of her dollar drawings. “That’s a first! I’ve always been hesitant about drawing dollar bills because of how complicated they look, but I’m glad I gave it a go.”

Elizondo gave her followers a sneak peek at a work in progress too. The incomplete portrait of a woman’s face up close required nearly excruciating detail. In the artist’s video, she hones in on a single eye in the picture. Using a precision brush with white paint she adds tiny strokes to the lashes and eyeball so it captures the light just so. 

On TikTok, Elizondo addressed those who accused her of putting too much detail into her art. “No one is going to see it,” one of the captions reads as she adds microscopic details like extra strokes on an eyebrow and small white hairs on a face. The video racked up 8 million views. 

“The detail is amazing periodt,” one TikTok user wrote.

“No such thing as too much detail!” another added.

“Details are something you think you don’t need but once you add it, it makes a whole lot of a difference,” one person said. 

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