Artist builds giants from scrap wood and hides them all over his city

Copenhagen-based artist Thomas Dambo upcycles trash into beautiful sculptures. The Six Forgotten Giants is no exception.

The Six Forgotten Giants is a series of massive wooden sculptures made from recycled scrap wood, which Dambo designed to lure people into nature. In order to see all of them, you need to go on a treasure hunt.

Dambo did a similar project in Puerto Rico, which inspired The Six Forgotten Giants. The locals in Puerto Rico found it peculiar that Dambo put his sculptures in the woods. But he noticed that many people were willing to explore the unknown to find his hidden art. He liked the idea of forcing people to confront nature through his wooden sculptures.

“As humans, we often have a way of choosing the beaten path and the main roads,” Dambo says in the video. “So when the municipalities of west Copenhagen contacted me about a project it seemed natural to make something which could get people out and explore the beautiful nature in the hidden outskirts, which you usually wouldn’t see.”

Dambo hid a sculpture in all six of West Copenhagen’s municipalities to function as a treasure hunt. Locals must then venture out to places they’ve never traveled to and use a map to find the wooden giants. Like “Little Tilde” who rests behind a tree, “Thomas on the Mountain” in a renewed forest and “Teddy Friendly” who sits by a lake. 

“Years ago Vallensbaek Mose was filled with waste from construction and it was basically used as a waste-fill,” Dambo says in the video. “But today it has all been cleaned up, and turned into a small mountain, completely filled with wild nature and pine trees. Here lies, ‘Thomas on the Mountain.'”

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