Artist draws funny cartoon chalk art to spread positivity amid quarantine

Sometimes when you’re out and about, stumbling upon public art can be the perfect pick-me-up.

Casey Drake, a self-taught artist and high school science teacher, spreads joy with chalk art in the pandemic age. Drake takes inspiration from cartoon characters like “Toy Story’s” Buzz Lightyear, “Coco’s” Miguel and “Sleeping Beauty’s” Aurora. 

Drake often draws the characters with face masks and paired with quarantine-related quips and reminders. Lightyear says, “You can never be too careful,” as he sprays his space helmet with disinfectant. While Miguel jokes, “I’ll count it as a blessing that I’m only un poco loco.” 

“It honestly started as a way to unwind for just myself,” Drake told Woman’s Day. “I was so sick of being cooped up in the house and my daughter wanted to get outside. I started getting some positive feedback from people when I posted them on Facebook, and a neighbor posted them on Nextdoor.” 

Soon after, the chalk drawings became a daily tradition for Drake. The educator described it as “immensely therapeutic.” Not only was she using art as therapy, but it was also a great way to chat with neighbors and put some positivity into the world while socially distancing. 

“Solidarity is so important in times of isolation like we’re experiencing,” she said. “This is new territory for the world, and navigating it without losing our humor or sense of community is important.”

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