Artist films herself coloring inside the lines and it’s so satisfying to watch

Nicky Levi is an Insta-famous artist from Vancouver. Her style is beautiful and varied — from pencil drawings of flowers to markered mandalas to even nude oil paintings. However, nothing is quite as mesmerizing as Levi’s simple marker coloring videos. There is just something engaging and relaxing about an artist so precisely coloring within her lines. 

In one clip, Levi draws a small circle with six flowers in bold black ink. She meticulously fills in the background with a green marker. Then she carefully colored three small flowers with lime green. Next, she opts to make two of the larger flowers brown and the other yellow. Levi never strays outside her black ink. There are no messy colors bleeding into one another. The artwork is simple and pristine. 

Levi colors a simple four-petaled flower pink, in another video. She carefully fills in each segment one by one. The artist draws horizontal strokes to go from one side of the petal to the other. It’s immaculate.

The short video racked up over 35,000 views on Instagram

“Love your drawings they are awesome,” a person wrote

“Congrats, coloring magician,” one user said

“Love watching this,” someone added

Levi’s practice is soothing but it also demonstrates the importance of using quality materials. She uses Prismacolor Premier markers for color, which shes says, “provides a much more peaceful coloring experience and a beautiful finish.” Nevertheless, her secret to preventing the black lines from bleeding is, “good pens.” Levi uses Copic Multiliner pens and Pigma Micron markers, which are waterproof and fade-proof. 

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