Artist has ‘fascinating process’ to create one-of-a-kind paintings

There’s nothing quite as calming as the ocean. 

Charlotte-based artist Roni Langley manages to capture the sea’s serenity in her work. Renderings of ocean tides and beaches adorn her creations that include everything from home decorsurfboards and paintings. Langley works with epoxy resin, a glossy malleable material that looks like glass when it hardens, and it’s why her pieces have a gorgeous vibrancy and depth to them. 

Langley posted a quick tutorial featuring a river table she made in July. The artist starts off with a blank wooden table. She then inserts a wood carving that represents the shore. Now, it’s epoxy resin time.

Langley pours several layers of the blue liquid next to the wood to represent a dazzling river. Next, she uses white acrylic paint to add strokes of wave lines. She then uses a heat gun to organically spread out the white lines. This makes it appear as though the tide is naturally white and bubbly. 

The beautiful table is done and it truly looks like a work of art. The artist’s tutorial racked up over 79,000 views on Instagram

“Wow that’s amazing!” one Instagram user said

“Gorgeous! Pure love and care in this art piece,” another commented

“This is a fascinating process,” someone added

Langley draws her inspiration from beaches around the world. She began selling her art to cover her college debt, but by the time she graduated, she decided to commit herself to her art full-time.

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