Artist honors big life moments with preserved flowers

Ashley Akers of TikTok’s addy_marie_designs is capturing nature one piece at a time. 

The artist uses resin to preserve flowers in small, sculptural capsules she sells on Etsy. Resin is a liquid material that looks like glass when it solidifies. Akers essentially fossilizes the colorful flowers and plants in the resin. Each work looks like a little piece of spring or summer. 

Akers dries the flowers for at least two weeks in silica gel to prep them for each project. Then she slowly pours resin in thin layers over the flowers once they’re in the mold. The slow process prevents the resin from overheating, bubbling or damaging the plants.

A few of her floral creations include white flowers captured in an obelisk wedding ring holderhibiscus flower coasters and preserved traditional red roses. Akers also does custom flower preservations for clients’ special events like weddings and funerals. The sentimental token allows loved ones to keep a lasting piece of a ceremony or memorial. 

In one video, Akers preserves purple and pink flowers with golden flakes from a funeral procession. The stunning arrangement is a beautiful way to capture what could have only been a bittersweet day.

“This is such a cool way to preserve flowers from any special occasion,” one user said

“Awesome job!” one person added

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