Artist makes elaborate sand art that can only be seen from drones

Tarain Jehan-Benjamin, AKA J.ben, is a French beach artist. Jehan-Benjamin creates huge sand images that are ultimately washed away by the elements. His Instagram jbenart and YouTube Jben beach art feature his giant works that can only be fully captured from above. 

Some of his pieces include a mandala yin yangpirate ship and maze, each intricately carved into a sandy beach. The art is so massive that the surrounding passersby only appear as specks in the photos. 

Jehan-Benjamin works with two different rakes for the pieces which can take between one and four hours to create. The imprint of the rake on the wet sand is what creates the look of an outlined drawing. Sometimes Jehan-Benjamin plans the image ahead of time or has one commissioned — but mostly he goes to the beach and lets his inspiration guide him.

When Jehan-Benjamin is finished with a project he uses a drone to snap photos and videos, like the one entitled “Sideways” on YouTube

The drone footage starts from the center of the sand artwork, which is a large heart inside of a circle. Jehan-Benjamin and a friend stand inside the heart. As the drone gets higher the camera pans outward and the piece reveals itself. 

The heart is in the middle of a larger intricate pattern featuring layered circular arc shapes and lengthy strips that look like highways woven through them. The sculpture is outlined in a massive square. By the end of the clip, the drone is so high Jehan-Benjamin looks as small as a granule of sand. 

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