Artist shows how she makes elegant resin earrings with real flowers inside

Lavinia and Kamelia are two sisters from Burbank and the artists behind L&K Elegance Shop. The Etsy store sells handmade jewelry using resin and real flower petals. A 14-karat gold plated ring with a red flower captured inside and 18-karat gold plated teardrop earrings with daisies are a few of their one-of-a-kind offerings. 

The store’s TikTok l.k_elegance provides a behind-the-scenes look at Lavinia and Kamelia’s creation process. If you want to know how they dry their flowerswhat they use for product photos and how they package orders, the account pulls back the curtain on how they craft and sell their products. 

The sisters demonstrated the work that goes into constructing a pair of L&K’s dainty earrings in September. 

First, the artist clips a few small white flowers from a bouquet. She places the flowers on one side of a creased sheet of paper and folds the other half over so the flowers are covered. Then she irons the paper to dry the flowers. Once dried, she uses tweezers to place the flowers in a set of gold teardrop earrings filled with resin and gold flecks. Resin is a common crafting liquid that looks like glass once solidified. It also preserves the flowers forever by preventing them from rotting. 

The transparent earrings look as though they have small chunks of gold and a mini-bouquet of flowers suspended inside. Gorgeous. 

Check out a few five-star reviews from the L&K Elegance Shop. 

“Love these earrings! They’re so elegant and charming,” one customer wrote

“I am in love with my earrings! So cute and the packaging was done so carefully too, definitely buying again,” another said

“These earrings are so beautiful! They’re gorgeously and delicately crafted and truly unique,” one purchaser said

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