Artist turns cash into adorable origami gifts: ‘I’d probably never spend it’

Valentina Balance’s specialty is money. The crafter who goes by balancevalentina on TikTok, turns American currency into art. 

Sometimes money is the perfect gift, but it can be a little awkward handing someone a wad of cash. Balance uses origami to transform $20 bills into clever shapes that reflect whatever the occasion is. 

To make an easy last-minute Father’s Day gift, the artist folded a $100 bill into a work shirt with a tie. Balance then taped it to a minimalist, black and white greeting card that read, “Happy Father’s Day.” It’s a creative way to present a monetary gift for dad while also sticking to the theme. 

Balance responded to a request from one of her followers for a project in July. The person wanted an idea that used $20 bills for a graduation gift. Balance folded the two bills together to make a graduation cap. But she placed the bills perfectly so that the hat read “2020,” a nod to the graduation year. She then rolled up an additional bill to look like a diploma. Balance used a ribbon to tie the diploma onto a greeting card and placed the cap next to it. To finish it off, she drew a tassel hanging from the cap onto the card. 

For a baby shower gift, Balance manipulated two $100 bills. The artist folded each bill into a baby bootie. She tied a red ribbon around the shoe’s ankle for some color and placed the pair in a tiny gift box.

The clip received 1.6 million views on TikTok

“This is adorable,” one user wrote

“So cute, I’d probably never spend it,” someone commented

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