Artist uses body paint to transform into Disney characters

Sammymjay is a gamer and cosplayer from the U.K. who uses body paint and digital editing to transform himself into his favorite Disney characters and superimpose himself into their worlds. The artist shares his looks on Instagram and Twitch and the transformations are surreal.

Recently, Sammy reimagined himself as Tamatoa the crab from “Moana” — except his version is much more glamorous. He opted for the bioluminescent version of the character with glowing pink stripes and a sparkling blue glow-in-the-dark shell.

Sammy painted the bottom half of his face to look like Tamatoa’s giant teeth. He even drew a vibrant eyeball on each of his eyelids so that when he closes his eyes, it looks like Tamatoa is looking right at you. To finish the look, he painted his body in pink and black stripes. He then used digital editing to add the glowing blue shell and claws.

In another formidable look, Sammy takes on the role of Baby Yoda from “Star Wars.”

The artist perfectly painted Yoda’s green face onto the top half of his. He used the collar of Yoda’s garment to cover the bottom segment of his face, thus perfecting the alien’s stalky proportions.

Sammy sculpted the wide football-like shape head by covering his hair in black paint to make it fade into the background. He fashioned Baby Yoda’s floppy ears from green-painted cardboard. Finally, to set the scene, he juxtaposed the character in front of a space background with the Death Star floating in the distance.

To watch Sammymjay transform on Twitch, tune in to his channel on Wednesdays.

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