Artist uses tree bark and plants to make one-of-a-kind prints

Ostranenie describes the art of defamiliarizing common things by taking them out of context. It’s the central ethos of Erik Linton, an artist who creates unique prints out of nature. Linton uses leaves, tree bark and flowers as ink stamps and stencils to make organic works of art. 

Linton shares his processes on TikTok. In one video, he shows how he created a print with flowers and plants collected from the West Coast.

Linton lays the plants out on a board with ink and run s it through a print etching press. Each plant appears as a vibrant, white stencil against the black ink. 

In another video, Linton uses the rings from the bark of a Grand Teton’s tree as a stamp. He covers the tree rings in ink, then places a canvas over it.


Are all my clothes covered in ink, you ask? Yes, all of them.

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He then uses a brayer to roll over the sheet. The end result is a beautiful stamp that could only be created by mother nature. This TikTok received over 538,000 views. 

“I have one of your pieces, your work is wonderful!” one user wrote

“My print professor showed us your work a year ago!! crazy you showed up on my FYP! Love your prints!” another said

“The lifelines of the tree. It’s beautiful!” one person commented.

In many ways, Linton’s work is truly one of a kind. Every tree ring contains unique information about the plant’s age, health and the climate. Tree rings are further apart when the weather is ideal for its growth and smaller when it’s not. In many ways, a tree ring is like a fingerprint — a connection often alluded to in Linton’s work

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