Artist’s handmade balancing sculptures are great for soothing anxiety

Kyle Auga is the creative mind behind Kyle’s Kinetics — the platform for all of Auga’s metalwork and balancing sculptures.

“A kinetic balancing sculpture is an interactive moving piece of art that has a perfectly tuned center of gravity,” Auga explained on his website. “They move and balance on their own with a push and each and every one is unique and none balance exactly the same as the other — even two of the same design. They move based on their center of gravity and physics.”

Auga’s stainless steel pieces use the same principles as pendulums. But rather than clusters of silver balls, Auga puts an artful take on his designs. There’s a 15-pound sculpture shaped like a red ocean buoy that spins on its axis and a rolling pendulum that can stay moving on its own for a full hour. 


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But Auga’s personal favorite is “swinging kid.” It’s a small silver child sitting on a lengthy swing. Once it gets moving, the child moves back and forth, like a kid at a playground. 

“His pendulum-like motion is very meditative and you can sit there and stare at him in a very quiet room and just reflect as he swings back and forth. And it’s very hypnotic,” Auga said of the sculpture in the video.

The ultra-calming video racked up over 806,000 views on TikTok

“These are beautiful and not that expensive when you realize how much work and creativity these obviously take to do,” one user commented.

“I remember having one of these as a kid,” someone wrote

“This would help me so much for breathing and calming down from anxiety,” another added

For those who want a closer look at the sculptures, Auga also shared on Instagram that one of his pieces will be featured in an upcoming Ryan Reynolds’ movie called “Free Guy.”

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