Artist’s ‘Mulan’ makeup is the perfect Disney princess look

“Mulan” fans may be reeling from the live-action film’s numerous delays, but this makeup artist’s Disney series might be just the pick-me-up you need.

Shenika Justine is a 17-year-old with skills well beyond her years. The Jakarta-based teen documents her makeup art on Instagram at her handle, shen.ka. Justine’s transformations aren’t just about accentuating and glamming up her facial features. Instead, she literally uses her face as a canvas for her artwork: Winnie the Pooh and Tigger bouncing in clouds, a sparkling pegasus and the works of Vincent Van Gogh are just a few of the intricate images Justine paints on her skin. 

The teenage artist started a Disney series featuring favorites like “Cinderella” and “The Beauty and the Beast,” over the summer. But her “Mulan” look is a real stunner. 

Justine begins by sketching a scene from the film in her drawing book. The art depicts Mulan’s climb to the imperial palace. Next, she draws the imagery of Mulan, a pond and the Great Stone Dragon on her face in pencil. She then uses colored makeup to paint the details. Finally, she attaches some of the paper sketchbook drawings of the palace, flowers and clouds to her face to complete the scene. 

The finished makeup is a whimsical fantasy that melds art and beauty. The video received over 19,000 views on Instagram

“The dedication,” one user wrote

“I love watching your progress,” another said

“You’re such an inspiration,”ย one person added.ย 

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