Artists recreate classic covers to promote social distancing

Two Los Angeles artists have come up with a creative way to promote social distancing by reworking classic album covers.

To encourage people to stay six feet away from each other, artists Paco Conde and Roberto Fernandez launched 6 Feet Covers, a collection of covers in which popular singers and their bandmates are digitally placed apart from one another.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Conde said he was inspired to start the project after noticing that people in line at a supermarket were not keeping a six-foot distance from each other.

“We thought it’d be helpful and easy for everyone to understand if we used something from pop culture, and finally decided album covers would be a simple visual solution,” he said.

Conde, who plans on recreating more covers, added that he and Fernandez also hope to partner with other organizations.

“We want to team up with a charity to raise not just awareness, but also some funds to help people,” he said.

Check out some of the original covers and the redesigned versions below.

“Abbey Road,” The Beatles

Credit: Apple Records
Credit: Paco Conde / Roberto Fernandez

“Bookends,” Simon & Garfunkel

Credit: Columbia Records
Credit: Paco Conde / Roberto Fernandez

“Destroyer,” Kiss

Credit: Universal Music Group
Credit: Paco Conde / Roberto Fernandez

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