Wedding shop employee left ‘speechless’ by bride’s ‘awful’ in-store behavior: ‘She was just a brat’

A Reddit poster asked the forum “AskReddit” for their wedding horror stories — specifically, they wanted to know, “What wedding moment made you think: ‘They are not going to last long?’

A former David’s Bridal worker shared their story of a bride-to-be who had a curious way of getting the groom to do what she wanted.

“I used to work at a David’s Bridal,” the Reddit poster explained. “Bride came in with tons of friends. An hour later, she’s standing there in $3,000 worth of stuff and doesn’t have any money with her or in her account. She decides she wants to apply for the store credit card. I run it through the system, and she gets denied. She then calls the groom for his info (which, to be fair, people did all the time), and he tells her no. She threw a HUGE fit on the phone with him, standing on the bridal stage, literally demanding, ‘WHY NOT? WHY?! WHY!!’ like an actual child over and over again. I’ve never seen a 30-year-old age backward so quickly.”

The worker began to get secondhand embarrassment for the woman.

“She was just a brat. Literally stomping her feet in front of me, all her friends, and the other bride in the store. *I* was embarrassed,” the poster said. “At the end of all of that, she hangs up on him, and her friend is like, ‘I’m so sorry you can’t get your dress.’ The bride stops crying instantly and just goes, ‘Oh, I’ll get the dress. I just have to do this at home, and when he gets mad enough, he’ll come get it for me, so I’ll stop.’ Speechless. Sure enough. Girl came back two days later with her man, and he applied for the credit card and bought the dress. He was livid and silent, and she was smug as hell. Can’t imagine they’re having a happy marriage if they are still together.” 

Reddit users weighed in on the horror story and deemed the bridezilla, “awful.” 

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