Asmongold checked a viewer who downplayed severity of the pandemic: ‘One percents happen — a lot’

A popular World of Warcraft streamer provided two useful analogies for why everyone should be taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

Asmongold (who has only revealed his first name to be Zack) made the remarks in the middle of a stream when a viewer told him that 97 percent of Americans who contract COVID-19 will survive the disease, implying that the pandemic isn’t a big deal.

The statistic itself is misleading, because it doesn’t account for the survivors who now have crushing, lifelong complications (including young people in their 20s) and that 3 percent of the American population (328.2 million people) dying would come out to 9.84 million deaths.

However, Asmongold still entertained the baseless claim that the COVID-19 pandemic is inconsequential and offered a helpful analogy in the form of M&Ms.

“I’m gonna give you a bowl,” Asmongold said during his stream. “It’s gonna have a hundred M&Ms in it. Three of them kill you … You wanna pick one up?”

He then transferred the analogy to World of Warcraft by showing off his characters’ rare mounts. In World of Warcraft, mounts are rideable creatures or mechanical vehicles, some of which can only be obtained by completing difficult achievements or constant raiding.

Asmongold showed off several rare mounts from his collection — the Ashes of A’lar, a Swift Razzali Raptor, Mimiron’s Head and a Great Brewfest Kodo — while making the point that even these “rare” instances do happen. The point is especially cogent because anyone who grinds for these mounts will obtain them sooner or later. Any time someone increases their risk of COVID-19 exposure by attending large gatherings, ignoring social distancing guidelines or not washing their hands, they are gambling with their lives.

“One percents happen,” the streamer said. “A lot.”

At the time of writing this article, over 194,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. The official numbers claimed by the federal government are most likely undercounted, according to the New York Times.

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