TikTok is so freaked out by this woman’s robotic maid: ‘Black mirror warned us’

A woman on TikTok has gone viral for showing off one of her favorite new gadgets: A robotic maid named Astro, which is sold in limited quantities by Amazon. However, not everyone is as psyched about the electronic helper as she is.

“Astro, come to the kitchen,” the TikToker commands after filling a cup with some essentials, including chapstick and eye drops.

After the robot enters the kitchen, the woman places the cup inside one of the robot’s cup holders along with a bottle of water and then sends it into another room where she will presumably need the items later.

The clip is from Michigan mom Monica Brady (@midwesternmama29), who calls herself as an “A-list Amazon Influencer” in her TikTok bio. But while Brady might love all the things that Astro can do, the rest of TikTok isn’t so sure.

“Ok I think we’ve taken this a little too far,” one person wrote in the comments.

“this makes me want to delete all media and erase all my digital footprint so astro can’t find me,” said another.

“Nope nope nope too much,” someone else declared. “Black mirror warned us of too much tech.”

“Smart phones are far more invasive than little Astro,” Brady countered. “He’s harmless.”

According to Amazon, Astro is a household robot for home monitoring that’s compatible with Alexa and the Ring camera. Astro navigates his way around your home to go wherever you need him to. But he doesn’t just deliver important items to different rooms; he can check on specific areas, people or things in the home and alert you to possible intruders when you’re away.

In addition, Astro can send and deliver messages, issue reminders, make calls and even follow you around the house playing music.

That said, it’s a big investment: The Astro will set you back about $1,600 (even more if you buy it with other accessories and devices). It’s also not available to just anyone. With limited quantities available, you have to request the product before buying it, and not all requests are granted.

Brady isn’t the only person who’s managed to get her hands on an Astro, though. Other people have been sharing videos of theirs for a while now, with varying degrees of satisfaction.


Meet Astro! My new robot that can guard my home, deliver things, entertain me, spy of my dog, and so much more! #amazonastro #amazon #robot #robotdance #newtech #robots #robottok #security #securitysystem #securitycamera #camera #alexa

♬ original sound – Jen_in_Chicago

Amazon Astro can keep your house clean. He’s not an actual vacuum, but he plays one on tv! #amazonastro #astrorobot #astro #thejetsons #amazon #robot #robotvacuum #vacuum #irobot #roomba #shortsmas #shortsmaschallenge #tikmas Astro is only available through invitation at the moment. I didn’t get an invitation despite signing up about 14 months ago, then re-requesting about 6 months ago. I bought Astro from a fellow robot enthusiast on Facebook.

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#amazonastro has been living in my house. It’s cute, annoying and creepy. #tech #gadgets #robotsontiktok #robots Full review here: https://www.wsj.com/articles/amazon-astro-review-why-my-family-loves-and-hates-this-home-robot-11649216725

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The critique on the photo is what kills me. 💀 Poor baby Astro is just trying his best! It’s not his fault he isn’t a skilled photographer! #Astro #Amazon #AmazonAstro #Robot #RoboPets

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While some reviewers have said it’s their new favorite thing, others have called it “cute, annoying and creepy.” In other words, it’s not for everyone, that’s for sure.

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