At 0.2-inches thick, this might be the thinnest sandwich in the world

Hope you’re not too hungry!

Oiri, a 23-year-old Japanese chef and food artist, created what he believes might qualify as the world’s thinnest sandwich.

Measuring just 0.2-inches thick, the light bite contains waif slices of tomato and cucumber sandwiched between two minuscule pieces of bread with just a dab of mayo to complete the snack.

All the ingredients are so thin they’re actually translucent.

Oiri often showcases his mesmerizing knife skills on his various social media profiles, where he has amassed over 10,000 followers.

Earlier this year, a clip he shared of himself slicing through a variety of vegetables (and even a sheet of paper) with ease went viral on Twitter with over 3.6M views.

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