Athlete is first cliff diver in the world to pull off ‘wild’ stunt

Extreme sports athlete Giovanni Mastroianni makes it his job to jump off bridges. 

Mastroianni is a cliff diver, or high diver, which is basically the art of diving off an elevated platform into a body of water. These athletes usually don’t wear any protective equipment and, because they can reach speeds as fast as 60 miles per hour, they face a greater risk of injury. You can expect Mastroianni and other high divers to enter the water bare feet first as it’s the safest way to land. 

In August, Mastroianni said he became the world’s first diver to pull off a front-half-full-backflip and marked the achievement by sharing a video on Instagram. It’s a quad (four flips in midair) with one and a half twists (body spins).  

The video shows Mastroianni run to a trampoline on a 70-foot bridge. He launches off of it, into a flip and does the twists. Then he pulls off a few more flips before plunging into the swampy water. A voice is heard off-screen shouting, “Oh, my god!” Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. 

The video racked up 105,000 views on Instagram. People were losing it in the comments. 

“Man this is too much,” one user said

“That was next level craziness!” another added

“So stoked for you brother, this was wild!” someone commented

It goes without saying, kiddos but please do not try this at home!

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