What does ATP mean on TikTok? Truthfully, like, 4 different things

TikTok slang is constantly evolving as Gen Z forges new territory on the internet. 

It can be hard to keep up with online lingo. Since we’re all at home living virtually, having a solid foundation of internet slang is key to keeping up with the conversation. These days the acronym “ATP” appears to have taken over TikTok. Here’s what you need to know. 

What does ATP mean on TikTok? 

The explanation is actually quite simple, although it’s not entirely obvious. ATP means “answer the phone” on TikTok. However, you may have seen it used differently on other social media platforms. 

According to Urban Dictionary, it stands for “at this point” or “at that point.” But rest assured most of the time on TikTok it means “answer the phone.” 

For what it’s worth, it’s also short for the Association of Tennis Professionals … so tennis TikTok fans, be sure to check out that hashtag. Chemistry fiends may also use it to describe adenosine triphosphate, which is the principal molecule for storing and transferring energy in cells.

ATP isn’t the only lingo that’s taken on new meaning on TikTok

TikTokers around the world are speaking German — sometimes without even realizing it. One of the most recent slang terms is “antworten.” The word translates from German to English as “reply” or “answer.” On TikTok, it means the post you’ve shared is a reply to a request.

The word moot, which in the dictionary means something that’s up for debate or irrelevant, actually means “mutual” on TikTok — someone you follow who is following you back. It can mean the same on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Finally, the phrase “caught in 4K” doesn’t actually mean on TikTok that someone was “captured in high definition” as one would assume in the offline world. It just means you were caught red-handed — or busted doing something you shouldn’t.

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