TikTokers claim you can see the color of your aura with a simple camera trick — here’s how

TikTok has figured out how to use your phone to see your aura. 

The #aurachallenge is going viral with over 8.7 million TikTok views. This mystical trend is said to provide insight into your general well-being. Here’s what you need to know. 

What is an aura? 

An aura is the invisible energy field that surrounds all living things. Auras appear in different colors and each color has a special meaning about an individual’s state. 

What is the aura challenge on TikTok? 

The #aurachallenge on TikTok uses a TikTok-invented method of seeing your aura. Here’s how to do the #aurachallenge: 

  1. Look into a mirror.
  2. Zoom your camera’s phone into the mirror.
  3. Keep zooming until only one color is visible on your phone screen. That color is said to be your aura. 

saw 617384 vids like this ion my feed b blue or purple so I wanted to give it a try #enby #RefundGlowUp #MillionActsofLove #lgbtqi

♬ Go Down on You – The Memories

“Actually shook cause friends told me I have orange vibes,” @lucibianc said when her aura proved to be orange. 

Orange means confidence, optimism and emotional balance. 

But @dianadsanchez0 was surprised when her aura turned out to be pink.

Pink means romance, love and generosity. 

Then @samararrg got red when she did the #aurachallenge.

Red means vitality, passion and ambition. 

Are auras real? 

Auras are technically real in the sense that every living thing emits energy. This low level of electricity is an electromagnetic field. But not everyone agrees that this energy is a reflection of your spiritual well-being. 

Another way to capture your aura is through aura photography. These special cameras have sensors to read your energy’s wavelength. 

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