Australian pub bans surprising group of ‘messy’ patrons for ‘bad behavior’

An Australian Outback pub in Yakara, a remote Queensland state outpost, has barred emus for “bad behavior” in what might be a first for both the birds and pubs.

The large, flightless birds have wreaked havoc on the bar’s interior. The owner put up signs banning the birds and even erected barriers to prevent them from entering. 

Usually, locals and tourists are charmed by the antics of the 5-foot-tall birds who steal food from people. However, things got a bit hectic when Carol and Kevin, the only two emus in the area, realized they could climb the stairs of the Yakara Hotel. It’s the one local pub in the outpost with a population of 18. 

The owner, Chris Gimblett strung a rope across the top of the stairs. He also put up signage advising customers to replace the rope once they enter. 

“Emus have been banned from this establishment for bad behavior” the sign explains. 

Although Carol and Kevin might be getting smarter, they haven’t figured out how to duck under the rope just yet. While the thought of two goofy birds harassing a small Australian town may seem comical, Gimblett explained that emus become intolerable once frightened. 

“When they’re running from a fright, they normally look behind them as they’re running. Which meant as they came into the dining room and someone sort of gave a shriek or something like that and they got a fright, they could cause devastation,” Gimblett told the Associated Press. 

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