Australia’s scenic mountain trail reopens after wildfires nearly destroyed it

Australia’s scenic Bluff Knoll trail was nearly destroyed by the bushfires that wiped out almost half of Stirling Range National Park. But the hike has now reopened and visitors can once again catch a 360-degree view of the park from Bluff Knoll after four months of repairs. 

“I am pleased that people can now walk Bluff Knoll and I encourage them to strongly support the surrounding operators as well as businesses in the broader region,” Albany MLA Peter Watson told Australian Leisure Management

Getting Bluff Knoll back in shape required removing 11 tons of trash and importing 55 tons of new materials.

“It’s been a long process they’ve been going for three months already and we’ve got another month to go,” Peter Hartley, biodiversity and wildlife service manager told the Associated Press. “It’s hard labor-intensive work.”

Contractors added more steps along the trail and installed a new bridge. The modifications make the hike less strenuous and more family-friendly. The renovations, funded by a grant from the Federal Government’s Australian Heritage Grants, cost $140,000. 

“It gives people a chance to walk up there, take in the view and if they don’t want to carry on the summit they can turn around and walk back again,” Hartley told the Associated Press.

The trek to the summit usually attracts 60,000 annual visitors. Bluff Knoll officially reopened to visitors on May 22. 

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