American student reveals the biggest ‘culture shocks’ she faced while studying in Austria

An American student is sparking plenty of confused comments after sharing what it’s like to attend a university in Austria.

College student Morgan Lee (@mooorganic) shared the revelations in a now-viral TikTok, during which she broke down the biggest “culture shocks” she’s faced since moving to Europe. Some of her discoveries — including the fact that students can apparently take their exams “whenever” they want — left many Americans feeling jealous.

Lee’s video is part of a long-standing trend on the app. In the past, TikTokers have shared all kinds of cross-cultural discoveries.

Recently, an Australian user blew viewers’ minds after sharing that in his country, certain fruits have vastly different names. In another clip, an American TikToker detailed what happened when she tried to order “chips and salsa” in Italy.

Lee’s video featured some similarly hilarious realizations. Among her biggest culture shocks is the fact that Europeans have a totally different understanding of what “first floor” means.

As she explains in the clip, many countries (including Austria) list the first floor of buildings as the first floor above ground level. The ground floor, meanwhile, is usually floor zero.

Lee was also blown away by the fact that, at some schools, students can “delay” their exams if they’re not ready to take them. In the comments, Lee followed up with a claim that one of her friends has waited three and a half years to take an exam because she’s “scared” to sit for it.

Lastly, Lee discussed Austria’s national holidays. In several European nations, there are a number of countrywide public holidays — sometimes referred to as bank holidays — where many businesses and schools close completely.

“I swear, I learn something new every day,” Lee captioned the video.

Many TikTok users seemed to learn a lot as well. Many commented to share just how wild they found Lee’s discoveries.

“The thing with tests. I WANT THAT,” one user wrote.

“When I think about it, the floor thing kind of makes sense,” another added.

“I would never take an exam,” another wrote.

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