Do you really need an ‘automatic’ toothbrush?

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Do you really need an automatic toothbrush? How about one that costs more than $160?

The Y-Brush, a high-tech toothbrush made in France, may have a high price tag — but it also has a pretty remarkable promise. Apparently, it can clean each half of your teeth in just 10 seconds.

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Credit: Y-Brush

According to Y-Brush, the gadget works so quickly and efficiently because it uses sonic vibrations to clean your teeth. Meanwhile, you don’t have to do anything but bite down and turn it on.

It’s probably no surprise that the brush has also gone viral on TikTok. It’s mesmerizing, fascinating and offers an extreme solution to an everyday problem — because who wants to waste time brushing their teeth?

That’s why we knew we had to test the brush out ourselves. So, we decided to compare the brush to another viral toothbrush, this extra-soft, 20,000-bristle toothbrush available on Amazon.

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It’s easy to see why this thing has also drawn attention on TikTok. Normal toothbrushes have around 2,500 bristles, but this one has almost 10 times that much. Not only does that make the brush look incredible, but it’s also supposed to help it clean your teeth more effectively.

That’s why the 20,000 bristle brush was the perfect contender for our $160 automatic toothbrush. To see which brush won out in our tooth-cleaning battle, watch the video above or keep reading below.

10-second automatic toothbrush vs. 20,000 bristle brush: Which works better?

We decided to compare our two brushes on three key points: price, convenience and of course, effectiveness.

Price: This one was an easy win for the 20,000 bristle brush, which costs a clean $150 less than the Y-brush, even after shipping.

Convenience: Here, our winner was also pretty clear. The Y-Brush cleans the top of your teeth in just 10 seconds and then does the bottom in the same time period. And while that’s happening, your hands are free to do anything. You could even shave, or brush your hair.

Effectiveness: Since we’re journalists and not dentists, we needed a little help here. To judge how well each brush worked, we used plaque disclosing tablets. These things can show the parts of your teeth you missed while brushing because they turn plaque red after you bite down on them. Surprisingly, the Y-Brush won out here. Both brushes left relatively little plaque compared to a normal toothbrush, but the Y-Brush seemed to do the best job — probably because it’s a machine and not just a hand guessing where to brush.

So, winning two of our three rounds, the Y-Brush came out on top. This thing is definitely pricey, but it’s honestly not as expensive as some other high-end electric brushes. Plus, it’s fast and insanely convenient.

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