Who is Avani? Meet the Hype House’s resident makeup artist

Avani Gregg is a makeup artist who is part of the TikTok creator collective known as the Hype House.

She has 13.8 million Instagram followers, 27.1 million TikTok followers and 1.2 million YouTube subscribers at the time of writing.

How old is Avani? 

Avani Gregg is 17 years old. The Indiana native will be celebrating her 18th birthday on November 23, 2020. 

Avani is known for her makeup videos, specifically her ‘clown check’ post.

Avani’s first viral TikTok was a cheeky Harley Quinn inspired makeup transformation. After the video clocked 3 million views she was dubbed “Clown Girl.” 

She was one of the first recipients of TikTok’s $1 billion creator fund.

In July, TikTok launched its creator fund where it gave successful users monetary grants to continue producing videos. Avani was one of the first 19 people to be selected.

“Avani brings characters she’s sketched in books to life, using colorful palettes and unusual techniques. As she continues to build a career as a creator, she is also exploring her interests in fashion, dancing and acting,” the company stated

Avani is currently dating Anthony Reeves, a member of the Sway House.

Call it a Romeo and Juliet story — Avani is dating 18-year-old Anthony Reeves, a creator from a rival TikTok house. She and Reeves were pictured together as early as November 2019 but didn’t go public until April 2020. 

She was once a competitive gymnast.

Avani was a competitive gymnast as a child, but developed a stress fracture in her back that slowed her down. She unfortunately ignored medical advice to stop competing and when she continued she severely injured herself further. Fortunately, it looks like she’s onto bigger and better things.

Avani’s outfits are also ultra-popular.

The teenager is so fashionable she has fan-run Instagram accounts dedicated to documenting her looks. One is appropriately named avaaniicloset and provides dupes for tons of her best ‘fits.

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