5 quick ways to elevate your avocado toast for fall

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The arrival of fall may mean we are bidding adieu to longer days, green leaves and summer produce, but depriving a self-proclaimed basic of his or her avocado toast is simply not an option. Like mimosas, hashes and pancake stacks, the beloved breakfast dish is now ingrained in Sunday brunch culture, which means it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

But the change in season doesn’t mean you have to stick with your favorite warm-weather iterations, like topping with arugula, cherry tomatoes or sliced radishes. There are plenty of ways to enhance and elevate your standard avocado toast so that it can sit pretty next to a gourd or even a Christmas tree while boasting quintessential fall flavors. 

Check out five quick tips to carry your favorite weekend staple into the rest of 2021 and beyond. 

Add Some Seasonal Crunch

There are dozens of fall ingredients that can bring a wonderfully crunchy element to your avocado toast, but my two favorites are toasted pumpkin seeds for a savory option and pomegranate seeds for sweet. While they’re fantastic on their own with toasted bread and sliced or mashed avocado, the former tastes great with the brine of feta and the latter with the sharpness of goat cheese. Opt for vegan varieties of both options if you’re aiming to keep things extra healthy (#CantRelate during cuddle season) and dairy-free. 

Pour on the Pumpkin

Warm canned pumpkin puree on a stovetop and incorporate some of your favorite spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves are safe options). Spread a thin layer of your mixture on toasted bread, top with avocado, and then drizzle with a sweet element like maple syrup and a salty indulgence like crunchy bacon. It’s all about balance, much like pairing an Ugg boot with an oversized hoodie, so apply this same rule to your cooking and you’re guaranteed a successful outcome. 

Make It Expensive

It’s officially truffle season! While you can certainly shave the white or black varieties of the pricey mushroom on top of your standard avo toast, I far prefer a puree or pate. These are typically store-bought and blended with olive oil, with tried-and-true favorites from brands like La Rustichella and Borgo de’ Medici. Take things a step further by adding decadent creme fraiche (basically sour cream, but with higher fat content) and caviar for an oceanic bite. 

Spice It Up

Nothing is more comforting than the warm and welcoming spices of Asian food, particularly those found in Indian and Thai cuisine that pair oh-so-harmoniously with a splash of citrus, like lime juice. Since avocado already provides a creamy foundation that can stand up to heat, salt and tang, home cooks can easily experiment by adding ingredients like turmeric-roasted chickpeas with tahini or even tofu vindaloo. There is no reason to hold back on creatively integrating international delicacies into a very basic dish. If you’re still reluctant to travel overseas, get inspired by bringing these exciting flavors into your own kitchen. 

Never Underestimate an Herb

Images of summer’s flourishing basil, mint and parsley plants may still be top-of-mind, but there are a handful of fresh herbs that also fare well in colder temperatures. Consider a simple avocado toast preparation with chopped or julienned chives, thyme, sage and tarragon, all of which you can grow and pick to bring drool-worthy peppery, oniony and grassy notes to your avocado. It may sound simple in execution, but the flavors and aromas of these greens dominate the dish and are a welcomed departure from heavier alternatives like fried eggs, hummus or smoked salmon. Try mixing a few of them for a truly exciting experience for your palate. 

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