Neighbor rescues family from burning house in heroic act

A woman is being hailed online as a hero after saving her neighbors from a house fire on New Year’s Day.

Avondale, Ariz., resident Carolyn Palisch explained to AZFamily that she was getting ready to start her first day of the new year when she noticed smoke coming from her neighbor’s house. Inside the burning house was Nicole Salgado, her husband David and their four children.

“I went out the door and as I went out the door, I saw the flames coming out from the garage and of course I ran and started banging on the door,” Palisch told Fox 10 Phoenix.

Immediately, Palisch sprang into action and pounded on the neighbor’s door to warn them of the immediate danger. When nobody answered, she persisted, ringing the doorbell and continuing to make noise until the entire family was safely outside.

“We were all asleep,” Nicole Salgado explained to AZFamily. “She made sure we got out of that house.”

Palisch’s heroism was caught on camera by the Salgado family’s Ring doorbell. Footage of the tense moment has gone viral on TikTok, where it has received nearly 30 million views and 6.1 million likes.


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“Within minutes of us getting out our roof collapsed,” Salgado explained in the video. “The firefighters said that if we didn’t get out when we did, we wouldn’t have made it out alive. We are [so] grateful to this angel that saved our lives.”

TikTokers praised Palisch for her unwavering selflessness.

“This woman is a freaking hero wow,” one person said.

“She really put her life on the line,” another added.

“This made me cry,” a third added. “She was definitely your blessing in disguise. So glad you’re all OK.”

In a follow-up video, Salgado gave a tour of her now-destroyed house, which has been deemed unlivable by firefighters. Due to the severe damage caused by the fire, Salgado told Fox 10 Phoenix that her family “lost everything,” including a car. At the end of the day, though, they’re “just rebuilding and grateful to be alive.”

The Salgado family has a GoFundMe set up to start anew and find a new home. You can donate to the family here.

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