B. Hawk Snipes explains how they grew into the style icon they are today

B. Hawk Snipes’ isn’t quite sure why their favorite color to wear is black. As of now, it’s a tie between the fact that Snipes is a native New Yorker and their personality is “bubbly enough” that they don’t have to wear colors.

In The Know interviewed Snipes in collaboration with the Phluid Project, a gender-free brand with a storefront in New York City. Snipes is a style icon, social activist and entertainer, who you might’ve seen on FX’s “Pose.”

“I’m a very androgynous, visual person,” Snipes told In The Know. “I love mixing my masculine and feminine identities together.”

Snipes explained that for a while, they identified as a gay man, so their style has definitely evolved into more confident, sexier looks. They currently identify as a Black, non-binary, queer individual.

“I don’t know what it is about feminine energy, but honey, I’m pushing through,” they said.

Snipes loves to layer clothes and thrives more in fall fashion than any other season. But for the summer, Snipes loves to utilize the heat as an excuse to carry around a feathered fan, one of their favorite accessories in their closet.

“When I found the style that best fit my identity, I was probably working at Buffalo Exchange in the East Village,” Snipes said. “I was just having the time of my life. It was like a little kid playing in a crayon box.”

Snipes has a special connection to the Phluid Project, which they said they started to get involved with right when they were figuring out their identity. They said that it was kismet that as the Phluid Project was growing, so were they.

“The Phluid Project has changed my life,” they said. “To be part of a chosen family like the Phluid Project has just been literally eye-opening.”

In terms of any style advice Snipes has picked up along the way to becoming the style icon they are today, they succinctly summed it up with, “Be patient and be confident.”

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