Baby babbles in sign language, and it’s adorable

This adorable TikTok video shows a baby babbling in sign language. And yes, babies can babble in sign language!

TikTok account @oursignedworld is a look into the life of a family with a deaf father, hearing mother and their hearing baby daughter, Madison. 

Recently, a video they shared went viral, logging more than 11 million views and counting!


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The video shows Madison’s dad signing to her. He asks her how she slept, and Madison starts babbling back to her dad in sign language. Unsurprisingly, it melted the hearts of millions of viewers. 

“The fact that babies literally babble even in SIGN LANGUAGE??? [T]his is too cute omg,” wrote one extremely touched TikTok user.

“I’ll never not cry when I see babies babble in ASL [it’s] adorable every time,” commented another. 

“[O]k how did my brain never even consider sign babble?! [S]o precious!!!!” wrote yet another. 

While that TikTok user might have been surprised, babies babbling in sign language has been well-documented and researched.

A way for babies to learn language

Research has found that sign-exposed babies babble with their hands the same way babies babble verbally. It’s just a way for them to learn the rhythm of the language and engage with it. 

Teaching your baby sign language can be beneficial regardless of their hearing or speaking abilities. The Mayo Clinic suggests that teaching babies baby sign language — a modified version of American Sign Language — can be an effective communication tool for young children who “know what they want, need and feel but don’t necessarily have the verbal skills to express themselves.”

Signing with your baby is also a great bonding opportunity, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. It’s interactive and fun, and can be incorporated into a variety of activities, including reading, singing, feeding and bath time. 

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