Baby Banter with Hannah Bronfman: Karolina Kurkova talks birth plans for baby No. 3

In this five-part series, wellness entrepreneur and new mom Hannah Bronfman speaks with other moms and experts about all the life-changing topics that come with motherhood — from pregnancy and postpartum health to balancing mom life and a career.

When Hannah Bronfman sat down with supermodel and soon-to-be mom of three Karolina Kurkova to talk mom life, the successful pair dove into more than just diapers and nursery decor. Chatting about everything from water births and workouts to vibing in the delivery room, Bronfman and Kurkova were total #squadgoals.

After all, while every mom experiences motherhood differently, some things (like needing a little help from your friends) are comfortingly universal — even when you’ve launched your own wellness brand or owned a Victoria’s Secret runway.

At 38 weeks and counting, Kurkova plans to deliver her third baby (and first daughter) in a water birth at her home in Miami, Florida.

“Today we are going to blow up the birthing pool, test it out,” Kurkova tells Bronfman. It’s important, she says, to prep early to make sure everything’s working properly — i.e., no holes.

“That’ll be homework for my husband,” she adds, referring to Archie Drury, who’s also dad to their sons Tobin, 11, and Noah, 5.

While Kurkova admits that home births or water births aren’t for everyone, for her it was all about being as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Hospital vs. home birth

“I’m not someone who feels great at hospitals. Personally, I feel like it changes the way you feel. You see the lights, the smells,” she admits. “There’s nothing more relaxing or comforting than to be in your home.”

For Bronfman, she and her husband, fellow DJ Brendan Fallis, opted for a hospital delivery with their 5-month-old son, Preston. Not that it was an easy decision. The wellness entrepreneur was especially mindful of the “outstandingly high” mortality rates among women of color in New York state, where she lives. But it also came down to proximity.

“Our home in Long Island is almost two hours away from a hospital, so I was just a little nervous about if a complication happened how long it would take me to get to the hospital,” Bronfman says.

She added that she had to be induced anyway, mentioning another common theme in motherhood — plans (including those surrounding birth) don’t always go as, well, planned.

But don’t beat yourself up over it, Kurkova tells Bronfman. “I think most women, we want things to be like how we want it to be. We want it to be perfect, we want it to be nice, we want it to be special and beautiful. That’s the feminine part of us, but I think it’s important that we’re doing the best we can, and whatever’s meant to be, it will be.”

Pro tip for moms before birth

What did go as planned for Bronfman was an inspired delivery playlist, thanks to her DJ husband.

“My husband was fully DJ’ing the situation,” she tells Kurkova. During her time pushing in the delivery room, Bronfman adds, “it was all hype music — it was Beyoncé, Rihanna, Drake. It was amazing, amping me up. I was so in it and felt really empowered.”

While Kurkova admits that she was too focused on giving birth to think about a playlist, like any good mom friend, she offered a pro tip when it comes to treating yourself before you deliver your baby.

“I made sure I went in time to get my hair colored, cut my hair. I’m getting my manicure-pedicure,” she says. “Because once you give birth, for the next few weeks, a month, there’s no time for any of it.”

The supermodel mom adds: “Whatever it is for you that makes you feel good about yourself, it’s so nice, then do it!”

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