Baby adorably uses bath time to ‘train for the Olympics’ in hilarious TikTok

This TikTok parent shared an adorably hilarious video of her baby daughter “training for the Olympics” in her bathtub!

Liz (@lizrosehort) is a TikToker and mom who shares adorable videos of her kids on TikTok. Liz’s infant daughter, Esther, is a particular fan of bath time, as Liz made clear in a now-viral video of Esther in the tub.

The adorable video, which racked up 19.9 million views and counting, shows the tiny baby intensely “training for the Olympics” and having a great time splashing around in the tub. 

The video begins with a shot of Esther sitting on a green plastic chair in a bathtub full of water. The baby wears a white and blue swimsuit with yellow lemons on it, and has a serious expression on her face. A caption on the video reads, “My baby thinks bath time is her time to train for the Olympics.” 

As the song “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky III begins to play, Esther sits completely motionless, as though absorbed in thought. Then, as the song begins to pick up its tempo, the baby springs into action. She waves her arms in the air and begins kicking her legs in the water. 

Esther splashes and kicks wildly in the water, an expression of intense focus on her face. She’s a baby on a mission as she splashes her feet, lifting and lowering her arms to keep her balance. The video ends as the adorable baby makes a range of goofy faces as she continues her “Olympic training.”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Liz’s adorable video. 

“The way she looked at her legs like, ‘Okay, let’s go,” one TikToker commented. 

“Wouldn’t it be so wild if she actually becomes an Olympic swimmer or diver when she gets older?” another TikToker asked. 

“She was a mermaid in her past life,” joked another viewer. 

One viewer jokingly chided Liz, writing, “The least you could do is support her dreams with a swim cap and goggles. C’mon, she’s trying mom.” 

To which Liz responded, “Hahaha I know what her birthday present will be!” 

Whether Esther will make the Olympic swim team remains to be seen. But one thing is clear: The adorable baby is having a ton of fun splashing around in the tub!

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