Baby belly ‘facial’ is the relaxing break all moms-to-be need: ‘It’s so comforting watching this’

Let’s be honest. Pregnancy bellies can be a little uncomfortable, especially as expecting moms get closer to their due date.

Not only can protruding baby bumps get in the way of everyday activities — dropping your keys on the floor when no one else is around can honestly bring on tears — but they can also feel itchy and beyond stretched.

While pregnant moms are working hard to nourish their bodies from the inside by eating healthy foods that boost nutrition for themselves and their baby, sometimes they need — and deserve — a little break to pamper the outside of their body as well.

That’s where Danielle Dutcher-Markert and her Minnesota-based shop, The Dutcher Aesthetic, come in. The aesthetician offers a baby belly facial that looks beyond soothing.


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In her video, which has so far logged nearly 9 million views on TikTok, Dutcher-Markert shares exactly how the relaxing “facial” works.

The treatment begins with an exfoliating cleanse, then a steam and a light belly massage. Mom also gets an arm and hand massage, too. There’s even a hydrojelly mask to help hydrate and moisturize itchy skin.

While prenatal massages generally get the go-ahead from OB-GYNs, keep in mind that you should always check first with your doctor, especially if you have a high-risk pregnancy or any other complications. Not only that, but some treatments are not recommended for pregnant women who are in their first trimester.

That said, Tiktokers were vocal about sharing their fascination with the mesmerizing treatment.

“[I]t’s so comforting watching this,” one commenter wrote.

“I never knew this was a thing,” another TikToker added.

“I want one and I’m not even pregnant,” read another comment.

Even if you’re not pregnant, this relaxing video is the break you didn’t know you needed.

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