Baby keeps trying to give Mom a bite of ice cream, but eats it herself instead

This TikTok parent recorded a hilarious video of her toddler repeatedly trying to share a bite of ice cream, only to eat it first each time! 

Bexley is the ice cream-loving daughter of Emily Hoke (@babybexleytiktok). Bexley’s mom recently shared an adorably relatable video of her daughter trying and failing to share a spoonful of ice cream. Each time the toddler seems like she’s about to give her mom a bite of ice cream, she gets distracted by the delicious dessert, and eats the bite herself!

The hilarious video, which racked up 7.6 million views and counting, begins with Bexley standing in front of a table, upon which sits a bowl of delicious ice cream. Her mom, who is filming, sits on a couch at the far side of the room. A caption reads, “I am dying. She keeps trying to give me a bite of her ice cream but can’t make it 2 steps without eating it herself.”

With great concentration, Bexley fills a spoon with ice cream, and starts walking towards her mom. She takes a few steps, then puts the spoon in her mouth and eats the ice cream. Then, she takes a few more steps before realizing the ice cream is gone. 

Determined to get the bite of ice cream to her mom, Bexley returns to the table and fills up the spoon. This time, she makes it about 3 steps before, once again, eating the ice cream. 

Bexley’s next attempt is also a failure. The ice cream-loving toddler hardly manages to fill up the spoon before eating the ice cream again. 

After multiple failed attempts, Bexley finally seems determined to share a bite of ice cream with her mom. She fills up the spoon and begins walking across the room. At one point, as she crosses the room, she licks the spoon, but doesn’t eat the whole bite. 

“Mommy!” she says proudly when she finally reaches her mom.

“Finally!” her mom replies, laughing as the adorable toddler holds out the spoon. 

Then, just as it seems like Bexley’s mom will finally get a bite of ice cream, Bexley brings the spoon to her own mouth. 

“I thought that was for mommy!” Bexley’s mom exclaims, as the toddler eats the ice cream. “Okay, you ate my bite.”

The video ends as Bexley and her mom begin to laugh

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler’s hijinks. 

“Aww, her heart is in the right place, but the ice cream is too good to share,” one viewer commented. 

“I mean, you are far away. That is a long journey and people get hungry!” another TikToker wrote. 

In the end, Bexley’s ice cream was too delicious to share. But as one commenter pointed out, “It’s the thought that counts!”  

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