Mom captures baby’s mighty dinosaur roar in adorable TikTok: ‘He totally nailed it’

Babies are always full of surprises. They’re developing, learning and growing rapidly. 

It’s always momentous when you realize your little one has crossed a new milestone, no matter how small. TikTok mom @t.j.gamble4 couldn’t help but be moved when her baby boy understood exactly what she was saying to him. She shared the exchange in a now-viral video

The mom dressed the baby boy up in a gray and white striped onesie with a green dinosaur on the front and green spikes on the hood. 

“Look at my little dinosaur,” the mom said. “Can you say raaaawr?” 

The infant’s face lit up. Then he put on the biggest smile and let out his best roar. It was shocking how well he understood the mother’s request (and how to imitate a dinosaur, for that matter) at such a young age. 

The adorable video received 10.1 million views and 2.5 million likes on TikTok

“I never know if they’re gonna be cute or throw up,” a TikToker joked

“He totally nailed it!” someone commented

“This is my favorite video on the internet,” a user declared

“The cutest dinosaur,” another wrote

“Raptor right there,” a person said

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