Mischievous baby discovers baby monitor: ‘This is so cute and terrifying all at once’

Watch the hilarious moment a baby discovered the baby monitor in her room!

TikTok mom @hallelovesminny recently learned a valuable parenting lesson about keeping electronic devices out of reach of babies in the most hilarious way possible. 

The mom keeps a baby monitor hanging above her baby, Halle’s, crib in order to keep an eye on Halle as she sleeps. However, the mom clearly didn’t place the monitor far enough away from the crib, because Halle was not only able to reach the monitor, she also managed to record herself playing with it!

The hilarious video was recorded by the baby monitor and begins with a shot of Halle standing in her crib. The baby holds onto the crib railing and looks up curiously at the baby monitor. She sways back and forth as though contemplating action. Then, suddenly, she reaches out. 

The monitor tumbles down toward the crib, and the image goes blurry as the monitor falls. Suddenly, the railings of the crib come into focus, and it becomes clear that the monitor has landed pointing up toward the ceiling. 

After a moment, Halle leans toward the monitor. She stares down at it, breaks into a smile and begins playing with it. 

The curious baby reaches a finger toward the monitor as though looking for buttons to press. Then she leans forward and gives the monitor a kiss. 

Next, she seems to be attempting to use her finger to scroll, as though the monitor is a touchscreen phone

Finally, the video ends with Halle making funny noises at the monitor.

“We’ve been discovered,” the TikToker writes in a caption. “Busted.”

In a comment, the TikToker also clarified that after this event, she made sure to purchase cord covers and move Halle’s crib far away from the baby monitor

Cute and terrifying

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable baby!

“The kisses. So cute!” one viewer wrote. 

“The way it looks like she’s scrolling,” another commenter pointed out. 

“This is so cute and terrifying all at once,” another TikToker wrote. 

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