Baby helps mom make adorable Christmas ornaments for the perfect handmade gift

A mom came up with the perfect way to include her baby girl in the gift-making process this Christmas. 

Babies don’t exactly have the motor skills to make an artful presentation — but they do know how to make an adorable mess.

Mom Chloé has over 406,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares vlogs and DIYs with her daughter Elli. The mother shared a video showing just how she harnessed her baby girl’s power to make a mess. 

DIY Christmas ornaments,” Chloé explained in the clip. “You’ll need paint, ornaments, glitter, a bag and a child or a pet or yourself.” 

The mom used plain wooden ornaments she got from Amazon. She dropped a few dollops of red, green and white paint onto the ornaments. Next, she placed them in a ziplock bag. 

“Just let your child play around with it, smear the paint around, mix it all up,” Chloé said

Ellie sat in her high chair as she played with the ziplock bag. She shook the bag around and smudged the paint all over. The little one got to be as chaotic as any kid would be while fingerpainting without creating a mess. 

When Ellie finished having her fun, Chloé removed the painted ornaments from the ziplock bag, added glitter and wrote a special message on the other side.

The homemade ornament is a great way to create a holiday present with sentimental value. 

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