Video of baby’s ‘shocked’ response to vaccination goes viral: ‘She knew what was coming’

A pediatrician’s unconventional method for distracting and calming babies before their shots and vaccines is going viral on TikTok.

On March 17, TikToker @chrissymarianaa uploaded a video of her daughter Sofia getting a shot. The doctor, Dr. William Gerba, is known for his eponymous Gerba Method, which he uses to distract babies and make sure they don’t cry when they’re getting their shots.

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In the video, baby Sofia seemed to be having a great time with Dr. Gerba. Before Dr. Gerba gave Sofia her shot, he sang a little song and gently poked and tickled her until she was laughing and bouncing along, completely distracted from the shot she was about to receive.

Once Sofia was properly preoccupied, Dr. Gerba gave her her shot — and she hardly seemed to notice. In fact, as @chrissymarianaa shared in a follow-up video, Sofia didn’t shed a single tear when she received her shot, though some noted that she did seem “shocked” when Dr. Gerba poked her with the needle.

TikTokers were understandably impressed with Dr. Gerba. At the time of writing, baby Sofia’s video has received nearly 41 million views and 9 million likes, plus thousands of comments from awestruck parents and patients.

“Special place in heaven for doctors like this,” one user said.

“She knew what was coming,” another joked.

“This is incredible. Major respect for this doctor,” a third added. “She is a strong girl.”

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