Mom fears ‘cyberbullying’ after sharing where her kid loves to nap: ‘That’s her kid cave’

A mom shared her reservations about posting a photo of her daughter, fearing it would spark controversy. 

TikToker Brittany is a mom of four who caught her daughter sleeping in the family dog’s kennel. And while Brittany wanted to post about the funny incident, she feared getting negative feedback about letting her daughter sleep in the dog’s bed. She discussed her dilemma in a video. 

“I have gone back and forth about whether I want to share this picture because I don’t want to get cyberbullied,” Brittany explained. “But it’s also really funny.” 

The mom asserted that most of her children tend to find their way into their dog’s bed, whether their parents permit them or not. 

“If you have a dog, I guarantee you, your kid has played in their crate or kennel,” she said. “I guarantee you, hands down. Occasionally mine has fallen asleep in there. I do not let her stay in there. We take a picture, and then we move her.” 

Brittany then presented the photo of her daughter sound asleep in a dog kennel. The little girl brought her stuffed animals and Disney sheets with her. She seemed to have created a cozy fortress out of the pet’s crate. 

“It’s funny, and I laughed. Why would I want to disturb this? She’s a queen! She knows exactly what she wants,” the mom remarked

“Please don’t bully me. I’m sensitive,” she added, jokingly. 

Luckily, Brittany didn’t receive much hate. In fact, most people related to her experience. 

“My baby brother used to kick the dog out of the crate and lock himself in to take a nap,” one user said

“I used to feel bad for our dog when I was little, so I would go and sleep with him on the kennel,” a person commented.

“Look at all the stuff she dragged in there. That’s her kid cave,” another noted

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