Baby boy turns on dramatic tears after mom asks about getting in trouble: ‘He can make a person feel bad real fast’

Nothing hits you in the feels quite like the sound of a child crying. Humans are practically hard-wired to have an emotional response to infants weeping.

TikTok mom Brenna Grund is a mother of identical twin boys, Lennox and Lane. Toddlers can be dramatic enough as it is, but Lennox sure knows how to strike those emotional chords. When the little guy felt scolded by his dad, he went straight to his mom for sympathy. 


He can make a person feel bad real fast 😭❤️‍🩹 #fyp #sad #lennox #no #HPSustainableSounds

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“When dad tells me ‘no’ to pulling the clean clothes on the floor and mom is watching,” the video caption read

The clip started in the aftermath of Lennox getting a talking-to from dad. He looked completely deflated as he stared longingly at a clean shirt left on the carpet. 

“Lennox, did you get in trouble?” the mom asked him. “Did you get in trouble by daddy?”

The toddler hung his head and then let out the longest, most exaggerated whimper. It was the kind of cry you’d expect from a newborn puppy. Frankly, it was just as endearing, even if it was a little less authentic. Grund couldn’t help but chuckle at the melodramatic emotional outburst. 

“He can make a person feel bad real fast,” she wrote in the caption. 

The hilarious clip received over 1.3 million views on TikTok

“You let him throw all those clean clothes on the floor right now,” a user jokingly demanded

“I cry, too, when someone asks me if I’m OK,” another wrote

“He was holding it together until mom’s acknowledgment,” a person commented

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