Mom draws eyebrows on 9-month-old baby and films husband’s reaction: ‘I cannot look at our daughter’

This mom on TikTok drew eyebrows on her baby to give her husband a surprise when he returned home from work, and his reaction had viewers in stitches

TikToker Chandler Marie King (@chandlermarieking) is a busy parent and content creator who often shares funny clips and snippets of daily life with her husband, Tyler, and 9-month-old  daughter, Lily. Recently, King posted a video where she surprised Tyler by drawing thick eyebrows on Lily, and his reaction to her new look is priceless! 

The clip, which has over 37 million views, begins with a selfie shot of King holding Lily. The text “I put eyebrows on my 9-month-old to get my husband’s reaction” appears on screen over footage of King sporting electric blue eyeshadow while Lily, decked out in a leopard print onesie, dons some intensely bold eyebrows.

The video then cuts to a shot of Lily enjoying a snack in her high chair. The comically exaggerated eyebrows make Lily’s facial expressions particularly amusing. 

At this point, Tyler comes home from work and walks through the door. Lily turns and looks up at her dad from the high chair.

Upon seeing his daughter’s new bold brows, Tyler breaks down into fits of laughter

Unable to contain himself, Tyler bends over, and his face turns red from laughing so hard. Just when he appears to have it under control, he gives Lily another look and proceeds to crack up again. 

“I cannot look at our daughter,” Tyler declares through giggles before giving Lily another look and cocking his head back, and letting out another cackle. 

“Oh my God, what is that?” he asks amusedly as the camera zooms in on Lily, carrying on with her business. 

King ends the video with a final shot of Lily and Tyler looking at each other from across the kitchen table while Tyler continues to laugh. 

Viewers were in hysterics over Tyler’s reaction to Lily’s makeover. 

“I think I laughed harder at him laughing at her. Lmao,” one user mentioned. 

“That’s the kind of father I want for my future children,” complimented one future parent. 

“[You] can tell dad had a long day, and that laugh was a perfect way to walk in the door,” one TikToker noted. 

Based on the comments, King’s eyebrow prank was a highlight of many viewers’ days in addition to her husband’s.

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