Mom makes brilliant baby-proof iPhone: ‘If your kid loves to play with your cellphone, watch’

This parent made a decoy phone to keep her baby from playing with her smartphone!

Babies and smartphones are a dangerous combination. Sticky buttons, cracked screens, and accidental phone calls are just a few of the perils of letting your baby play with your phone. 

Fortunately, one parent on TikTok came up with an inexpensive way to let her child play with a smartphone without risking damage to her own. 

Bruna (@brufava) has an adorable baby girl named Natalie, who, like many babies, loves using her mom’s phone to make pretend phone calls. In order to protect her own device, Bruna decided to make Natalie a fake phone using inexpensive, baby-safe materials. 

In the video, Bruna starts with a plastic smartphone case and a piece of foam. She cuts the foam into the dimensions of a smartphone and inserts it into the case. The result doesn’t look much like a smartphone to a grown-up’s eye, but it makes a perfect baby proof toy for infants.

Bruna then shows Natalie’s reaction to the DIY smartphone. The adorable baby doesn’t seem to notice the difference between the decoy phone and her mom’s phone at all, and immediately starts making imaginary phone calls. She even gets her cat in on the action, holding the phone up to the reluctant feline’s ear so he can play along. 

Parents and parents-to-be shared their love for video in the comments section

“This is genius!” wrote one TikToker.

“Taking notes for when I have kids,” gushed another TikTok user.

“Okay. Doing this tomorrow. My daughter has been smashing my phone lately,” another appreciative viewer responded. 

Bruna’s fake phone hack doesn’t just protect her real phone from damage. It’s also a smart way to limit her daughter’s screen time, while still allowing her to play and learn. 

The World Health Organization recommends that parents avoid screen time entirely for children younger than 2. Research has found that restricting screen time can help young children develop better cognitive and social skills. 

Of course, kids see parents using smartphones and want to mimic them. That’s what makes Bruna’s screen-free DIY phone the perfect compromise. Baby Natalie gets to have fun playing with a smartphone without any of the drawbacks.

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