Clever mom uses twin boys’ feet to make sure they haven’t fallen asleep in car

This mom of twins came up with the perfect way to make sure her children hadn’t fallen asleep in the car. 

TikTok mom @hi_its_laura shared a video of how she keeps track of her toddler sons in the car. The mom doesn’t like the little guys to fall asleep during drives because it can screw up their nap time. So she likes to check in on them to make sure they’re still awake. Her method is basically foolproof. 

“This is how I make sure my babies are still awake in the car,” the mom explained

She was sitting in the driver’s seat of her minivan. At first glance, the car appeared totally empty save for her. But her twins were actually right behind her. 

The twin directly behind her was in a car seat facing away from her. The other twin was two rows back, also in a car seat facing away from her. But both were in the perfect position to be completely obscured from the mother’s vision. 

“Let me see your foot,” she told one boy. 

Then a tiny little toddler’s foot wiggled right from behind her seat. 

“Jackson, let me see your foot,” she told the boy’s brother. 

Then another tiny little toddler’s foot wiggled from two rows down. It was the perfect system. 

The hilarious video racked up 17.8 million views and 3.3 million likes on TikTok

“A mirror is good too, but the interactions are priceless!” someone wrote

“I have two sets of twins, so I know these struggles!” another commented

“Did that with my twins when they were little too. Now, if they’re being quiet and I ask them if they’re awake, they kick the seat,” a person added

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