Baby makes the ‘first big decision’ of her life and leaves TikTok users shocked

Two parents went viral on TikTok after they filmed their daughter making the most important decision of her young life: choosing a starter Pokémon!

The TikTok, which was created by Ashley Bertrand (@sonoma.mama), racked up 3 million views in less than 3 weeks.

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As parents who grew up playing Pokémon games can attest, the starter Pokémon you pick at the beginning of the game has a big impact on A) the actual game and B) what type of person you are.

While no official studies have proven the correlation (someone should get on that), all Pokémon trainers know that your starter choice is a reflection of your personality type. So while this child is a little too young to start her life as a trainer, her decision shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In the clip, Ashley’s husband places the three original starter Pokémon — Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur — on the carpet. “The first big decision of your life today,” he said. You got that right. “Just like us, when we were kids, you get to pick your favorite.”

The baby first showed interest in Squirtle, the water Pokémon, but then strongly considered going with the fiery Charmander. But, like so many great trainers before her, she trusted her gut, and decided on the adorable Squirtle.

Some TikTok users questioned the choice in the comment section, hoping that the tot would’ve gone in a different direction. 

“I just yelled at my phone for her to pick Charmander,” said one comment. 

According to Ashley, even dad was a “tinge disappointed” that the popular fire lizard wasn’t selected. 

Another user invited people who used to pick Bulbasaur to like their comment. Over 3,300 users jumped on board, including Ashley herself!

Who knew that picking a starter Pokémon would be so polarizing?! 

On second thought, no one should be surprised by this. Pokémon fans certainly have a lot of passion. Especially ones who grew up on the game.

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with their daughter’s choice, this is an adorable clip by two parents who are definitely #nerdfamily goals. Hopefully they have enough room in their nursery for a Blastoise, because that Squirtle is going to evolve before they know it!

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